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Member note:

All investments in entrepreneurial companies involve a high degree of risk, and investors should be able to bear the risk of complete financial loss. It is important that you understand that you, and not the Case Angel Network, its leadership or its members, will be responsible for your own investment decisions in connection with any companies introduced through the Case Angel Network.

If you are an angel investor who is a Case Western Reserve University alumus/a, current/former faculty member, or an otherwise related angel with a passion for the CWRU community, you may consider becoming involved with the Case Angel Network.

Membership Criteria:


You are a Case Western Reserve University alumnus/a, a current or former CWRU faculty member, or have a passion and affinity for Cleveland
You are an accredited investor, as defined in SEC Regulation D, Rule 501, and
For more information visit: SEC Accredited Investors 



The Case Angel Network reserves the right to require in its discretion other or additional criteria for membership and/or participation in pitch meetings.

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