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Case Angel Network is looking for young companies with strong indicators of success. We look for promising founders, potential markets, technology, and business models. We analyze proof of market through sales, customer adoption, and a strong case for customers' need for the proposed solution.


Similar to venture capital firms and other types of investors, we seek companies with capital-efficient proposals that will allow them to achieve growth and success following our investment. 

The Case Angel Network is especially interested in companies that are formed either by students and/or alumni of Case Western Reserve University, or that are based on technology from CWRU. However, companies considered for investment are not limited those with a CWRU connection.

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Suggestions for Pitch decks

Your deck should convey the following key content areas:

  • Problem

  • Solution

  • Market Size/Target Customers/Go-to-Market Plan (e.g. customer acquisition process, sales cycle, list of current customers, etc.)

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage (e.g. technology/IP/others)

  • Competition

  • Stage of Development/Corporate Status/Progress

  • Team

  • Business Model

  • Financial Projections/Exit Plans 

  • Deal/Terms/Use of Proceeds

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